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Making Necrophiliac

The musical/comedy/cabaret/not-sure-what-genre-it-is "Making Necrophiliac" is doing a few things. 

Tomorrow (Wednesday, December 12th), an interview is at 3:30 pm, on CKCU, 93.1 FM.  Myself (actor in the play) and the director (Maureen), will be babbling inanely and doing excerpts from "Making Necrophiliac".  It should be highly amusing, and possibly disturbing.

Tomorrow night (Wednesday night), we'll be performing "Schpanked" and "Bad Actor Blues" from "Making Necrophiliac" at the following event:

..ism(e)x8: performance cabaret
December 12
8 PM doors open
SAW Gallery
67 Nicholas
Tickets by donation

It's pay what you can or a donation to the Food Bank!  A conglomeration of wacky cabaret and general performances.  Hope to see you there! 

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