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The Art of Von Allan at Ottawa's La Dolce Vita

Hey there,

I'm an Ottawa-based cartoonist and graphic novelist with an upcoming art show at La Dolce Vita beginning on May 19th. The show will feature a lot of my art as well as pages samples from the graphic novel that I've recently completed. I should add that the story is currently being serialized as a webcomic on GirlAMatic.com (a very cool non-misogynist collective).

La Dolce Vita is a really nifty restaurant in the heart of Ottawa's Little Italy. And, best of all, it features a gluten-free menu on top of gluten-based foods. So if you or someone you know has a gluten alergy or Celiac's disease, it's a great place to go and eat.

The event poster, designed by Chris Tompkins, is below. My wife and I will definitely be there on the evening of May 19th (yay for openings) and then periodically off and on over the next two weeks 'til the show wraps up. Oh, I created a Facebook group for the art show, too. Yes, geeky, I know.

Art of Von Allan poster

I know meeting an artist, particularly an artist that you're not familiar with, can be a bit tricky. Back in January I did an interview on the TV show Ottawa Living and the Youtube video of the interview is below. Hopefully that helps with the "ack, stranger!" bit. It's about 3 minutes long and the fine folks at the Parkdale Gallery were nice enough to let us film it there.



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