You Should See Me Cover The Ground (clockworkboho) wrote in drawingehblank,
You Should See Me Cover The Ground

Calling All Ottawa Artists!

Looking to Meet other imaginative Ottawa Artists to collaborate, discuss and network with?

Want a regular place to bounce ideas off your creative equals?

ethernal and I propose:

The Ottawa Art Group!

We want to have a regular (every other week, for example) meeting place for local artists to
get together, bounce project ideas off each other and actually work on those projects with like-minded people.

Have a story/setting you want to develop, but need some outside advice?

Looking for an artist to illustrate your words?

The The Ottawa Art Group is the club for you!

All are welcome, photographers, illustrators, animators, filmmakers, writers, painters, modelers and so on!

We're still trying to think of a good place to meet up, so all suggestions are welcome!

Another idea would be to have regular "Gallery Showings" wherever we decide to meet!
Once a month showcasing the things the Group Members have created!

Reply here or contact ethernal or I individually if you're interested/have questions/have ideas!

X-Posted Left-wise and Right-wards!
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